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TakeOff Mizzy Performs His Legendary Freestyle "We Made It" At The Hardly Underground Concert Shit Freestyle Shot By SADN - ML Quis x TakeOff Mizzy x Hugo Tae

Takeoff Mizzy has given us all something to remember! The track is actually a freestyle off of the recently made popular song,"We Made It". There have been a lot of artists dropping freestyles off of this Soulja Boy/Drake collaboration so I know you're asking "what makes Takeoff Mizzy's version unique?". Well to start off, the rapper did something very creative, he took an excerpt from a Tupac interview where Shakur is talking about his "hunger for success" & put it in the beginning of his track. I thought that was cool because it pretty much represents what Takeoff Mizzy is talking about on "We Made It". This MC is hungry, figuratively speaking, as he wants that top spot. No more playing nice for Takeoff Mizzy as he makes it clear that he wants that number one spot & he's willing to do whatever it takes to get it on "We Made It". With the lyrics that he brings on this freestyle, there's no doubt that Mizzy will have that spot in NO time! & stay tuned for more by Takeoff Mizzy!


Who says lyrics doesn't matter anymore well each artist stands their ground & show their ability to to kill this track . it's Not About The Best Player But The Best Team Shall Win -   Hugo Tae , James Allen , Hock Raw , Willie Major , TakeOff Mizzy #96Bulls 

Video Dir. By - SADN

Ambition & Motivation are two words the artist TakeOff Mizzy lives by everybody has something that motivates them he strives to be one of the best hip-hop artist and feels like Hugo Tae has that drive also these are two artist from Philadelphia that you need to watch for. Directed By - "SADN" who seen the vision and brought it to life with making this a tribute to Philadelphia celebrities also


TakeOff Mizzy  continues to work after dropping His latest mixtape "Who Is Takeoff Mizzy" & His latest video "FuckWitANiggaWitAmbition" he hooks up with another philly artist Manifest and they both bodied Drakes pound cake instrumental and decided to give you a visual of the freestyle we hope you enjoy the art. Takeoff Mizzy's Young God mixtape will be coming soon

video directed by : Immortal X


TakeOff MIzzy Does A Freestyle On Started From The Bottom 
This Is From His Anticipated Mixtape (Who Is TakeOff Mizzy)

TakeOff Mizzy's 1st Visual To The Up Coming Mixtape 'Who Is TakeOff Mizzy"

 Mizz will be walking the streets passing out CD's. It will show the
love and the hate that comes along with trying to make it to your dreams. Some people will embrace his music and others will reject it. This will not discourage Mizz because he will still continue to hand out his mixtape. Mizz will interact with people at times laugh and joke with them while also some parts will show the frustration side of Mizz as some people won't take his mixtape but this will not stop him from Gettin To It.
Who Is TakeOff Mizzy - Young , Fly , Humble , Motivated Artist From Philly Leader of The New School With His Unique Flow & Approach To Every Song